You can't force CREATIVITY



It's been a year (since the last blog).

Can't believe how fast this year has gone ! Daymmmme girrrrrl !

When we opened BLKAVE 2 years ago, we came armed with DREAMS and AMBITION. Having grown from only 2 stylists to an amazing team of 6, has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives. All of which we owe to our loyal clients, staff and ever growing talents coming through the door.

I started the BLKAVE BLOG purely to share my knowledge to clients and anyone out there that need help translating the HAIRDRESSER language! " Just mix 10g 9.22 20g 10.07 45g zero lift...." We totally forget that to the every day folk, we may as well be speaking gibberish! Soz about that !

The last couple of years have certainly been a journey. As hairdressers, we become engrossed in our clients lives and love every minute you share with us. Sometimes we know more about you than most of our friends/ family, heck you know the same about us too. If this was some sort of Hollywood movie, it would be an OSCAR.

The experience is like no other. 

Great conversation, feeling half asleep (nek level scalp massage) the whole time and walking out of the salon, at 9pm looking freaking AMAZING to go to bed........ REALITY.

As CREATIVES, all things hair come naturally. They evolve throughout the whole experience, the more we learn about you and your lifestyle, PERSONALISATION in the art form of hair develops.

PERSONALLY, we have all been on journeys of our own outside of the salon. Thank you for all of your LOVE !

So looks like "NEW YEAR" , new BLKAVE BLOG - You can't force CREATIVITY. If its not authentic to your brand, sometimes its best to just press the REFRESH button - no better time than now!

Over the next BLKAVE BLOGS, we are going to introduce you to the TEAM..  These talents are usually humbled in the salon - lets face it, we don't like to talk about ourselves! But, sometimes we need to stop and look back on everything we have achieved so far in life, have a deep breath and appreciate NOW.

The hairdresser/ client relationship is one that we have for LIFE. The BLKAVE team are all unique in their own ways -




I hope this helps you find the best stylist for you!

WATCH THIS SPACE - no really, you're going to want to hear all the juicy goss !!


BA xx








Billboard Music Awards 2017 - Celebs, they actually love us!!!


Hair we can achieve at home, or easily at the hairdressers last minute. Thank you celebs, for once, something majority of the human race can now do (without your bank account.) OMG you finally love us!!


Yep, its probably extensions.. We all know Miley had short bleached hair this time last month!

You can achieve this look with some clip in extensions. Even if your hair isn't behaving the way it should just chuck on a hat, add in some SACHAJUAN OCEAN MIST, slight water wave to blend the extensions with your real hair and a Micro Braid... you will be Byron Babe Chic. HAPPY DAYS! PS the hat can hide your secrets.


You just hoped into bed and your best mate calls to see if you want to go out..... You haven't washed your hair in days and dry shampoo just aint gonna cut it? YASSSS Lea ! 

You will need hair paste (or natural oils) and a hair tie. Middle part and comb up sleek into high pony. Use your fingers to pull out pieces and add texture if you're feeling creative. Tie your pony in a knot and secure with another hair tie. BOOM girl your ready for a big night!


Ohhh but she's so pretty!! DRY SHAMPOO and VOLUME POWDER will help. 

With this kind of pony upstyle, hair prep is the most important. We would always recommend running your straighteners over the top sections to keep it neat. Taking sections, spray your roots with dry shampoo or UNITE TEXTURIZER SPRAY. Be generous with product. Run your fingers through and pull up into a pony. Wrap a section of hair over the band and secure with a bobby pin. Embrace the disheveled ends with some more texture spray to finish off.


So, you're in desperate need of a colour, but had to decide between having a fun weekend and getting your hair did. Totally understand!! Rather than cancelling your whole appointment, why not just come in and get a blowave and style? Trust me, it will make you feel more accepting of life and your weekend will become THAT much better.

Thursday Night - at the hairdressers, so clean and fresh. You want 'ready to sleep on waves'. This means getting your hair waved tighter than you would usually wear. We are looking for longevity here. Small amount of product and minimal brush out. There's something about when your hairdresser does your hair, your colour always looks passable! 

Friday - In the morning, run your hands through and twist into a low bun (in direction of waves). Secure with a couple of large bobby pins... That night, because your hairdresser is amazing, you want to go through and brush out your waves. Add in some light weight serum to smooth or Finish Cream and mess it up with texture spray. Hair done in no time!

Saturday - WHYYYYY DID I DRINK??!!! Keen to back it up? Hair not so good now? Brush through your hair and sleek back with POMADE or SPRAY WAX. Finish with hairspray. Not only will this lift your bags but your will feel ready to take on Round 2! (it works, don't know how, but it does!).

OR - you could just be like HASLEY and rock the BUZZ CUT.. ..

or not.

Thanks Billboard Awards for making these celebs look more human and less like gods! We love it!

BA xx

The Transformation BLKAVE edition

It's March.


Still haven't even had a chance to think about your new years resolutions? It's like this year is going sooooooooo fast already, i've decided i want to wait until next year to do a "new year, new me!"


Here's exactly what you need to do. It only takes an idea, your hairdresser and the need for change.

Nothing like a well known celebrity to trigger a hair transformation. Come on, don't be scared! It may just be the thing you have been looking for...


Did Katy Perry just pull a Miley??? She sure did and she looks banging. If you are looking at doing the chop, be sure to choose a hairdresser who specialises in short hair. Whether you like shaved and edgy or a pixie crop, make sure to keep it soft and feminine. The longer fringe, is what we are loving for the short styles this season.


So, you have long luscious locks and you are in need of a change. The soft textured lob is your best option. I mean what's the rush? Why go straight to the pixie, when you can enjoy every length leading up to it?! You get the best of both worlds here. Long enough to style and short enough for it to be effortless. Win Win!


Hair goals are always a must. If your current goal is for length, keep yourself inspired by adding some colour to your life. Whether you are blonde, brunette or red, you will be surprised that it doesnt take much to feel like a changed woman!

 Soft Balayage highlights can turn your hair from dull to sun kissed.

Soft Balayage highlights can turn your hair from dull to sun kissed.


If you're blonde, have a think about changing up your toner. There are so many different shades of blonde - Creamy, Ash, Golden, Honey, Strawberry, Rose.... All of which are not permanent. Yes, they all come with no lock in contract! You may even come to love your new shade, best thing is you can always go back.


BA xx



The New Year is here! 

Really, we are all sitting around waiting for the "I'm going to complete all my resolutions this year", to kick in. All of a sudden the clock strikes midnight and we all get a surge of energy to fulfil our dreams and goals.... While you sit there procrastinating have a read of this blog! BLKAVE is here to share our predictions on hair this year. With such a great year in 2016, we are so excited to see what the big 1 7 brings.


Highlighting and balayage is now number one, on the 'most wanted' hair list. As hair techniques evolve, every year they become more personalised and unique to the client. Colour contouring, is what its called, so you know how to communicate with your hairdresser. Highlighting certain sections around the hairline can help to extenuate facial features. Its like a facelift without the surgery.


Now we aren't talking about naturally styled hair, we mean NATURAL. Unfortunately in Brisbane this can be a lot easier said than done, actually it's more effort to have 'nothing' hair than if we were to heat style it. In 2016 it was all about colour evolution, but this year we will be focusing on strong cuts that are tailored to the individual. 


The evolution of the bob this year, brings us to a soft textured, slightly concave bob. Shorter at the back and longer at the front. Not only is this a bonus as the shape lasts longer, the likelihood of you returning to the hairdresser without a mullet works in your favour. 


Its all about a more subtle wave and less glam. This is a curl that is created using your straightener, more of a hair bend rather than a wave. Its neither beachy nor bouncy. Key tip: Keep the ends straight!

New year, new changes! Let 2017 be the year of reinvention and updating your look.

BA xx


How To: Not Miss Out

In this BLKAVE 'How To', we are going to give you all the tips and tricks to ensure you don't miss out on your precious hair time. Unfortunately, if you see a fabulous hairdresser, chances are you are not alone in how amazing your hair is and how much you love them. I am a creature of habit and will only get my hair done by one hairdresser. In fact, i rarely like it when anyone else does my hair. The problem is, when i feel like i need to get my hair done, its after i have pushed it past a reasonable time and then SUDDENLY, over night, it turns to crap.

No more 'i woke up like this' hair...

Here are some Tip and Tricks to ensuring you have the best experience EVER! :


We usually recommend 6-8 weeks between services for colour and cuts. If your hair is long, 8-10 weeks its the perfect time, if you are more low maintenance. What many people don't realise is the effect of split ends on the rest of your hair. Did you know that one little split end has the ability to spit the whole way up to the root? Meaning that you could lose the quality of that strand all together. This is why regular haircuts are so important for beautiful hair.


Never be afraid to call up and cancel your appointment if you can no longer make it. Sometimes things happen and the appointment that you made 6 weeks ago, no longer works. The sooner you change it, the easier it is and the more likely you will be able to rebook for a time you can do.


If you haven't made your appointment for the Christmas period, you may now have to be flexible with your hairdresser. These days, people are super organised and so you must stay one step ahead. Book your next 2 appointments, especially if you want too look your best for the family!


Best option, rather than trying to describe your hair over the phone, book a consultation. This way your hairdresser can allow the right amount of time for this service. If a lot of time is needed, you will need to be patient. They may only have time this time free in a couple of weeks or month. In this case, you may be able to get a touch up before your big service, depending on how desperate you are to get that regrowth sorted! Just always keep in mind your hair goal, it will be a journey.


If your hairdresser has allowed a lot of time for your services, make sure you are on time. Usually a time allowance of 15 minutes after the start time of your appointment is standard. If you can no longer make the appointment make sure you have them at least 24 hours notice, so the appointment can be filled by customers from the waiting list! (which is usually a mile long, so they will love you for it !). If not, a 50% deposit may need be made before your next booking with the salon.



After hours and weekends are what your hairdresser would call peak time. So always keep this in mind when you are wanting you get your hair done. When you think about it, BOOK!

We hope this guide on how to not miss out, helps you with making sure your look amazing for your next occasion or every day hair life. Remember, if you are unable to get a time with your chosen stylist, there is always someone else within the salon they could recommend. It doesn't mean you are cheating! Keep it all within the family! They can share with the other stylist, exactly what they have been doing and guide them in the right direction. ALWAYS a better choice than becoming a fix up!

BA xx



Ladies lets admit, we more often than not desire that Victoria Secrets hair. Long, thick and bouncy waves, ideal for the perfect hair flip... unfortunately, unless you are one of the 1% in the world, majority of the time it's not theirs.

 Length and thickness is the most popular use for extensions.

Length and thickness is the most popular use for extensions.

Extension quality over the years has improved and along with it affordability and versatility. So ladies, it's all about finding the ones for you. Not only are extensions perfect for adding length, they can be used for volume, filling in areas for a new style and adding colour.

 They can also be used to add length and volume to your sides. Perfect if you are growing your hair and just can't get past that awkward length.

They can also be used to add length and volume to your sides. Perfect if you are growing your hair and just can't get past that awkward length.

The main types of extensions are: Keratin Bond, Micro Bead, Tape and Clip ins. 

If you are serious about extensions, choosing the right one for you is very important. Whether price is a factor, comfort or effort level, this is where your hairdresser can customise the service to you, 

 For a weekend look that ensures you're suitable for work on Monday, ombre clip ins can be a great way to add personality to your hair.

For a weekend look that ensures you're suitable for work on Monday, ombre clip ins can be a great way to add personality to your hair.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your extensions:


- Only condition mid lengths and ends in natural fall.

- Plait hair when you are sleeping or exercising to help prevent tangling.

- Condition hair before swimming to help protect from chlorine. 

- Always blow-dry hair after washing.

- Brush hair before washing.

- Book follow up appointment for re-lifiting extensions for 6-8 weeks.



- Do not sleep with wet or damp hair.

- No high heat when drying and styling.

- Do not wash up to 48hours after application.

- Do not apply conditioner to root area.

- Do not colour extensions.


Most salons can offer a complementary consult if you are interested in extensions. Ensure that you go to a salon that is an extension specialist, as you do not want to cause damage to your own hair. Always ask about hair type and do your research to ensure you get the highest quality of hair.


BA xx


Unfortunately, it's that time of the year, when we have to accept our new found paleness. That is unless: A - you are one of the lucky ones spending summer in Europe or B - you actually have time to fake tan. Like the majority of us, I am C - Pale and cold. 

BLKAVE is here to help you update your makeup bag this winter. With everything feeling dry and/or numb, it is time to change up your daily routine and start a new trend of 'Winter Glow'.

Firstly we are going to take you to the 'DARK SIDE'. It has been years since i have heard the word 'GOTH', but i am happy that this look has been updated to just a deep lip, rather than all black everythaaaang. That's right ladies, it has been a trend that has been circulating this season and it is certainly here to stay. The key here is not about the strong lip, but how to do the rest of your makeup, to ensure you don't try and bring back those unfortunate times of the 90's.

KEY LIP COLOURS - Oxblood, Burgandy, Black Cherry.




Ensuring that all dark under eye areas are concealed and highlighted. Remember this is a dark pigment lip that we are embracing. In doing so, if we have any other areas on our face that are a dark cool tone (like under eye depth or pigmentation), it will instantly draw attention to it. Keeping to the trend of the 'effortless' and 'natural' makeup, this light weight concealer ensures that there is no caking, on the sensitive eye area.



This season is about embracing your natural brows (within reason, maybe still wax that mono..) With this strong lip, keeping your brows soft and feathered is the way to go. If you are lacking hair in the brow department, pair with a brow pencil. Brush those brows up to the sky and you have given your face a brow lift.

Complement your deep lip with soft and dewy skin. This is essential !! During winter skin can begin to look dry and dull. It's like the sun goes behind the clouds for a couple of weeks and I go from a fresh summer bronzed glow to pale, dehydrated and chapped. Fun fun. 





Mix your illuminator with your foundation to give life to your skin and ensure that you prime with a hydrating primer. This will ensure that your foundation glides evenly over your face rather that attaching itself to your dry areas. Using the illuminator on its own is a great way to highlight cheekbones and avoiding heavy contouring.

So now you know the trend and how to wear it, keep it fresh and dewy. Remember to choose either eyes or lips. Such a versatile look from office chic to saturday night chic. Just add lashes after 5pm and complete the look with a glass of champagne.

BA xx


How to : Blondes

We all want that perfect blonde... whether we want icy white or soft honey tones. For me i will only be blonde in my dreams and the day that raging morange comes in, i would be so vogue! I have come to accept that I will never be a blonde, but thats ok. The thing that really gets to me though, is fried blonde. Hair that has been bleached right up until the point of no return..... Chewing gum and brassy (hair actually feels like chewing gum, no lies). You can feel cheated when you leave the hairdressers looking amazing and shiny but hair is left brassy and dry in about a week. 

BLKAVE is here to share our Blonde Secrets...

Invest in a BLONDE SHAMPOO - This will help to maintain your toner and prevent your hair from going brassy. NOTE- they will only work on counteracting the yellow in your hair. If you are throwing orange, you will need a stronger form of toning. Ask your hairdresser, if they offer toning services in the salon. This is a great way to keep your blonde looking on fleek, without having a lightening service every time. You will be surprised at how effective they are.... and you can get your hair styled too!

 If you're blonde and this isn't in your shower, you're missing out.. BIG TIME!

If you're blonde and this isn't in your shower, you're missing out.. BIG TIME!

TREATMENT - beauty from the inside out. After stripping colour and moisture from the hair, the likelihood of your hair feeling like straw, is very likely. After your blonding session in the salon, your hair has now become much like a sieve. Think of your hair like a peanut M&M... The peanut being your cortex, chocolate being the moisture and the shell being our cuticle of the hair. Without the cortex (peanut) of the hair being in tact, there is nothing for the moisture (chocolate) to hold on to, so the cuticle (shell) is unable to close. This leaves the hair dry and unable to hold onto colour as your cuticle is left open and exposed. So when choosing your home haircare, you need to target the concern first, so it will take time. Opting for a strengthening and repairing range is essential, you have to target from the inside out.

 SACHAJUAN Intensive Repair range strengthens hair while helping to retain your hair's natural moisture.

SACHAJUAN Intensive Repair range strengthens hair while helping to retain your hair's natural moisture.

BLONDPRO - These days as hairdressers, we have science on our side. If your hairdresser offers you a bond strengthening option with your lightening service, take it. Being blonde is an investment. With new technology these days, we are able to now lighten with the confidence that the hair will maintain its integrity.

DRY SHAMPOO - This will be your best friend. Anything to stop you from washing your hair too much, will keep your blonde vibrant. Another alternative for those who just can't resist putting their hair under, if your hair isn't dirty, try a hair cleansing cream. It takes a little to get used to as it doesn't foam, but is less abrasive on your hair. We like to compare it to your skincare routine, if your skin is sensitive, you would only use an exfoliant once a week and a soft cleanser daily. This is like your hair. After lightening your hair has become sensitive, alternating with a cleansing cream, would give your hair a break from every day shampooing. 

 Hair Cleansing Cream is for those of us who just can't resist washing our hair every day.

Hair Cleansing Cream is for those of us who just can't resist washing our hair every day.

HEAT STYLING - Gurrrrrrrrl, turn that heat down!! Always use a heat protectant and take your time with heat styling. Your hairdresser may not have caused too much damage, but an iron at 230 degrees, is sure to fry what is left. A leave in treatment with heat protectant is your best option. It will hydrate and smooth those fluffs down too!

 Yes its smells like coconut and will change your life!!

Yes its smells like coconut and will change your life!!

OIL UP - Gone are the days of heavy oils that sit on the cuticle of the hair. With the right hair diagnosis, your hairdresser can prescribe an intensive hair oil, as a form of extra moisture and treatment for the hair. Feeding your hair is essential.

TRUST YOUR HAIRDRESSER. Remember our main concern at the end of the day is to never compromise the integrity of your hair when lightening. In the long run you will never regret doing it the right way and if you NEED to be blonde because you have a special occasion coming up this weekend, opt for a wig... They're so on trend anyway!

BA xx


Your Scalp and Cooler Weather

During this time of the year it seems that we can no longer hide from our skin and haircare routines and just blame everything on the humidity. For those of us that suffer from a dry scalp it can be an uncomfortable and itchy way to enter into winter. We are forever bathing our body's in heavy coconut creams and body butters and more often than not, we forget our scalp. BLKAVE is here to tell you, it may not be dandruff that you are experiencing, but rather a dehydrated scalp.


The key is to find out the difference between dandruff and a dry scalp. Dehydration of your scalp can feel tight and a little itchy and often results in small white flakes on your shoulders (fantastic when you are pairing it with a black outfit!). If these symptoms are not excessive, it is important to not self diagnose yourself as having dandruff or eczema, as the treatment is very different.


It feels as though we give our body's a little shock at this time of year. We go from humidity and cold showers to hot showers and frosty mornings, over night! We need to remember our skin is an organ too, so this shock is what causes it to "Freak out". It leaves us with the questions of "how often are you washing you hair?" and "what is your haircare routine at home?" Did you know that you don't have to shampoo your hair every time you wash it? Conditioner has a small amount of cleansing ability, so if you can't resist putting your head under the warm water to wake you up, just use a little conditioner. This will help your scalp to maintain its natural oils and moisture. At BLKAVE we recommend ELEVEN 'I want body VOLUME Conditioner', a light weight conditioner that will help close down your cuticle, without the weight.


You may be able to get away with a supermarket alliterative during summer, but unfortunately, winter is when you can really see the lack of 'shampoo' that is really in the bottle. High sulfate haircare products will not be your friend during winter (you should never had been friends anyway..). Quality home haircare is now affordable for everyone, you just need to talk to your hairdresser and never be afraid to tell them you are on a budget and don't feel like 2 minute noodles for dinner tonight. BLKAVE recommends ELEVEN ‘HYDRATE my hair Shampoo’ and for those with a severally dry scalp Sachajuan ‘Scalp Shampoo’, both of which are free of sulfates and parabens. Just remember when choosing home haircare, Shampoo is for your scalp and Conditioner is for your ends, so mix and match.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Before washing your hair, use a boar bristle brush to stimulate scalp before washing. This will help to distribute oils and help to release any build up of dry skin.
  • Have a colder shower. I understand its cold, but having a boiling hot shower does no good for your skin, hair or scalp.
  • Coconut oil - paired with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, it is a really effective and natural way to moisturise your hair and scalp. Apply directly to scalp and ends, place over a shower cap and chill out for a minimum of 45mins. 
  • Sachjuan OVERNIGHT HAIR REPAIR - for those who are time poor, where your hair is not only dry, but damaged. Put in your hair and scalp before bed, sleep in it and then wash it out in the morning… as easy as that!
  • Sachajuan HAIR CLEANSING CREAM - Not only is this amazing for your scalp, it is just as equally amazing for your hair. Unlike other shampoos, the cleaning cream does not emulsify. Takes a little to get used too, but if you have hair that tends to go fluffy and feels dry all the time, it will be life changing.


We hope this has help you combat the changes with your hair and scalp this winter. Remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. 


BA xx




In this segment of BLKAVEBLOG we are going to have a chat about the importance / difference of using salon products in your hair over the alternative supermarket equivalent. In PART ONE we will be covering the BOX DYES. This is always a subject, we sometimes like to hide from the truth. Considering we are using chemicals, without the required qualification in hairdressing, it is a real health and safety factor. 

I used to always question why, when i first started my apprenticeship, i wasn't allowed to jump in and pop a colour on? It looks easy enough? I must admit, even with a hairdresser for a mother, i still didn't know anything about colour. All i saw was her mix a tube of colour with a lotion and apply it with a brush (my friends however thought differently, i was a pro in their eyes haha). Looks easy enough? I have also dabbled in box colour from time to time, as a teenager ... because i knew better of course!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.25.44 pm.png

This is because, I feel we just don't know any better. It's just like buying our eggs and have never been shown the difference between cage eggs and free range. We are here for you at BLKAVE! We understand that sometimes you are desperate and broke, but there is always a way.... always an alternate. I mean we don't want to start right back at square one due to fried hair or permanent noir locks that have seen better days.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.37.53 pm.png

The first and most obvious question we ask ourselves is " What is the difference?" Firstly we need to consider, if you can get a chemical cheaper than what your hairdresser can, as a professional, what are you ACTUALLY putting on your head?

Unfortunately when it comes to these products, one size doesn't fit all. Usually for a hairdresser, they have a well formulated mixture of peroxide and colour that is suitable for your hair and consider all the factors like porosity, strength, length, base shade, natural shade and desired shade. We could choose to use a 10 vol lotion on one person and need to use 30 vol on another. The same goes for the box colour. Your friend may wear the creamy blonde perfectly from box one,  but it could turn orange on you! mmmmm morange hair .. love it! That $8 box is now looking more like a $400 fix up..

When choosing the colour that is perfect for you, your colourist will take into account these following factors:

Skin Tone, Porosity, Underlying Pigment, Previous Colour and % of Grey.

When it comes to box colour, there isn't a whole lot of difference between semi, demi and permanent colours. They say it will wash out in 10 washes........ but will it?? The only allowance for this would be a temporary colour. These colours just sit on the outside cuticle of your hair and depending on how light your hair is, it will only stain it.

When it comes to scalp bleaches and platinum blondes, application is essential. Over-laping of your colour may result in banding and more importantly BREAKAGE (yes i wrote that in bold, no one wants chewing gum hair.. it actually goes chewy). In this case if it comes as a bottle applicator.... don't do it! A brush and bowl application is the best way. 

There is a HUGE misconception when it come to colour, " Does colour damage my hair?".

When companies put their box colour on the market with a celebrity to endorse it ... the best they are doing is brainwashing everyone. I mean come on!!! There is no way J-Lo is sitting in her bathroom doing a D.I.Y. Bronde!! Clever advertising though.. It even had me thinking i could even do my hair at home ... no thanks, no need for a blue back and bathroom. The reason your hair is feeling like straw, is because you are moving further and further up the porosity scale. This means the damage of your hair is moving up and up to eventual chewing gum stage.

 Microscopic view of broken hair strand.

Microscopic view of broken hair strand.

Unfortunately for a colourist, when it comes to fixing this "beautiful" box colour, is the predictability of your hair, or lack of. We do wish however we did have magic wand, that would be amazing!! It is going to be a process, that will take a few sessions with your hairdresser. There could be so many different chemicals and pigments hiding in your hair strand and at different lengths. If you have made the mistake, don't be embarrassed however, we do love a challenge. Just be sure to be patient and be willing to upgrade your haircare routine. 

The skill of a great colourist, is that they can get you to your dream colour. They know when to push your hair and when they need to give it a break. Remember your hair, skin and nails are all made up of the same things. Your damaged hair is like your skin getting sunburn and nails after acrylics . They all take time to heal, but done the right way, you will never regret taking the time and getting to know your hairdresser along the way. We are actually quite cool!! 

BA xx


For the final instalment of our CHANGING IT UP Series, we are going to open you up to the world of COLOUR. By colour we are not interested in your every day brunette or black. We are going to talk to you about the colour we do best at BLKAVE and that is out Fashion colour. The icy BLUE, luscious LILAC, steel GREY tones and edgy COPPER. 

Ever wondered how a colour like this is achieved or better yet, wanted to try it out for yourself? Have a read and see if you are still GAME enough to take the plunge into the world of colour.

The first stage of your transition, like any hairlife event, is working out budget and maintenance. If you only go to the salon every 6 months, unfortunately this isn't the way to go. If, however, you love your hairdresser and want to see them every 3 or 4 weeks ( or need and excuse to come back for a chat) you are the perfect client.

When it comes to bright colour and soft pastels, we need to take into account underlying pigment of your hair. By now, after reading part 1 and 2, you will be familiar with this. It is the building block for our hair colour. The darker we are the more RED we have and as we get lighter we are, the pigment changes from ORANGE to YELLOW and finally WHITE.

 To the left we have our hair colour and on the Right we have the underlying hair pigment. Ever wondered why your hair always goes brassy or orange? This is why!

To the left we have our hair colour and on the Right we have the underlying hair pigment. Ever wondered why your hair always goes brassy or orange? This is why!

If your hair is already platinum blonde, you are already 10 steps ahead of the rest of us. This means you have already gone through the 'hard yards' of removing your hair pigment and you are free to colour your hair any colour you desire. It is like painting on a white canvas, we get a true colour. However, being this blonde always comes at a price. By now you will understand the importance of intensive repair shampoos and treatments. Hair at this level is extremely porous. Structurally it looks like a sieve. Our pastel hues are as easily absorbed, as they are easily washed out. On the flip side it means you can have a new colour every couple of weeks, this does however come at an expense.

Being an underlying pigment of a beautiful morange, i have come to accept that i will never be pastel. Unfortunately, back in primary school we learnt that yellow and blue makes green and yellow and silver makes a muddy brown. Nothing much has changed apart from the fact that i wish this wasn't true. 

If you are ready to embrace your in-between colour, on your journey to becoming your dream colour, you can still have so much fun with it. Darker blues, teal greens and watermelon coppers are the way to go. Just like going blonde, make sure you INSTASTALK your dream pastel and fashion colour salon. These pictures will show you the quality of the colour they use and how even the colour is.

At the end of the day, hair is to be changed and experimented with. Never be ashamed to change your hair or push your hairdresser. We enjoy the challenge, it is why we do what we do. Book in for a consultation with your desired hairdresser first. Being face to face can give you an introduction to their personality and how they feel about your hair. Honesty will always be an important trait, followed by skill and dedication to your hair. The desire to want to change your hair and do all that they can to reach your goal colour.

BEWARE of photoshop images, they will give you unrealistic expectations! Look for photos without filters.

It may take time, but search for those who are passionate about colour. These are the hairdressers you can trust. Whether it comes to recommending products and follow up appointments to maintain your colour, they are the ones who can envision you strutting down the street with a few hair flicks, while the rest of the world is staring.


In Part 2 of our BLKAVE BLOG Series, we are going to focus on the journey of going from Light to Dark. A process that sounds pretty straight forward, but unfortunately we still have people walking around with Green hair. You ask for a nice soft brunette and you walk out with a Red tone and way too dark.... sound familiar? We will be sharing with you everything you need to expect with this colour change and how to look after your hair, to ensure you are now the glossy brunette you have always wanted to be.


They say that blondes have more fun, but lets face it, brunettes are certainly taken more seriously. Whether you are wanting to CHANGE IT UP, as we are getting closer to Winter or you are missing those shiny soft tresses, we are going to break it down for you so you know what to ask your hairdresser.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.09.30 pm.png

Firstly you need to decide how dark you are wanting to go. The process of going from light to dark involves us replacing pigment back into your hair. This is what we call the "underlying pigment". The darker you go, the more we need to replace. In many cases your colour will take two applications to get you your desired result. Replacing this underlying pigment involves us adding warmth back to your hair. This is why it is very difficult if you are wanting to return to your exact natural colour, as it will always appear slightly warmer. Without doing this process, you will leave with washed out hair that is quite possibly green......... nice!

When booking your appointment it is always necessary to tell your hairdresser that you are wanting a change. This ensures they have enough time to perform the process correctly. When considering going darker, do you want to have a block colour or more of a colour melt? At BLKAVE we are loving our soft brunette colour melts for the Autumn. This gives our blondes a taste of what it is like to be darker, without it looking too harsh. 

The secret is, going a shade or 2 lighter on the ends to give a subtle transition. You can always go darker, so you may as well enjoy all the shades in-between. This also stops your porous ends from going darker than desired.

It is essential to look for brunette shades that are close to what you are naturally. (if you haven't seen your natural hair in ages, get your hairdresser to help with this). By keeping within a couple of shades, maintenance of your regrowth will be every 6- 8 weeks rather than every 3-4. Usually your natural level is the best for your skin tone and eye colour. This leaves you with a little extra cash to spend on a new outfit, to match your hair!

Although your hair is now shiny and soft, it is essential to still care for your hair, as though you are blonde. A high level of fading after your first couple of washes is common and this will reduce after your next service. Continue your haircare routine of weekly treatments and leave in styling products, especially if your hair is still porous and damaged. 

Be sure to rebook with your colourist for 6 weeks time. This ensures that we have a great base to work on for your next colour and keeps the pigment rich. This will give you time to use the remainder of your repairing shampoo and conditioner and you can make the switch to more of a colour locking routine.

Enjoy your change!!


The newest hair trend for this season is CHANGING IT UP. We have all reached a comfort zone with our hair, tying it up rather than styling and letting our balayage grow past our shoulders, this unfortunately doesn't fall into the category of LIVED IN HAIR.

Over the next couple of BLKAVE BLOG posts we will ensure you are armed with the best information, to prepare you for a seamless transition from one colour to the next. We will share all our dirty little secrets and let you know what to expect.


To start your journey off on the the right foot the best thing to do is research! INSTASTALK your favourite salons in your city and have a look for the type of blonde you like best. We like the hashtags #brisbanesbestcolourists and #brisbanesbesthair for searching Brisbane. Every colourist is different in their technique and approach to blondes, so it is important to find someone who understands your style. Hunt down your blonde specialist and ask to book in a CONSULTATION. Unfortunately we can't see your hair over the phone and most salons offer a free consolation to have a chat with your colourist. Come armed with images of your desired result, so we understand tones and techniques required to book in your appointment.

Your hairdresser is the professional, so it is best if you are totally honest with them, about any other colour services you have had in the past couple of years. We need to know your hair inside out, as lightening will always expose the truth of your hair. NO SECRETS will allow us to give you a realistic prediction for the result.

BE PREPARED. Stripping pigment from your hair will always come at a cost. Whether it be length, texture or expense, (not to mention the 50/50 change you leave brassy) the best option is to never expect much out of your first service. Think of this service as your primer to your makeup or pre-cleanse to your cleanser. 

PREPARE yourself for an upgrade in your Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment routine. Lightening your hair requires ammonia, this has the ability to open up the cuticle of your hair and reach into the cortex (hair structure) to remove pigment. During this process, moisture and structure of hair is compromised, so it is essential to go with a prescriptive and specific haircare range. At BLKAVE we love Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Over Night Hair Repair to get your new blonde tresses feeling soft and looking luscious after a long blonding process. 

Along with this new haircare range, ensure you come to your appointment ready to pay for in-salon treatments and BLONDE PRO services on top of your lightening. Both of which will help to regenerate your hair bonds and ensure your hair doesn't turn to straw or chewing gum, ( both of which are highly likely) as you are looking at 2-4 services before your reach your desired result.

All of this focus on your hair, many of us easily neglect the impact our new found blonde has on our makeup. If your hairdresser knows makeup, be sure to ask questions about new shades to enhance your features and ensure you don't walk around looking washed out. At BLKAVE we are loving our new Curtis Collection makeup range. Through this we are able to personalise new makeup best suited to your blonde, through the makeup STYLE GUIDE.

Hair colour is the one way to change your appearance, without surgery. Whether it is a new season or a new chapter in your life, hair is there to experiment with. Never be afraid to ask your hairdresser questions. You should always feel confident to ask for a change. If you are prepared for a little more maintenance and behind the scenes care for your hair.... JUST DO IT!


This season GENTS we are looking at adding texture to your hair. Whether it be short, medium or long, we are looking at a well executed cut and minimal styling. Over the past couple of years we have introduced you into the world of salt sprays, curl creams and blowdrying. Stealing your partner's blowdryer and not knowing how to handle it, is a thing of the past. You have now gone PRO (if your hairdresser has taught you well). Armed with these new found skills and learning how to control your side part, which took the past year to do, we are now taking a step back to SIMPLICITY.

This season we are having another crack at the fringe, yet instead of the uncontrollable fringe of 2014, which only your hairdresser could style, we are looking at tapered sides that blend up and seamlessly connects to the top layer. Soft and textured, with deep point cutting to remove bulk and maintain length. It is all about visualising the end result and achieving it with scissors, rather than relying on product.

If the fringe isn't your style, simple and short is your way to go. A haircut best achieved with scissor over comb and texture cutting, this no fuss simple cut, gives you the ability to style hair in a matter of seconds. When maintenance is concerned, you are looking at a softer grow out and the freedom to change up your look from time to time. Best product to do the job would be to apply MATTE TEXTURE PASTE by ELEVEN to either dry or towel dried hair. We want a workable paste and low shine to finish the look.

A timeless look coming into 2016 is the free-spirited curls. If well maintained and cut is performed to perfection, you can master your look and only have to get your haircut every couple of months.  Step one is to ensure your hairdresser is a curl specialist, this is actually a thing. Curly hair and straight hair have two very different approaches. If your hairdresser attempts to straighten your hair before they cut... RUN! Step two, ensure you have the correct products. Armed with the right stuff, will make styling time next to nothing. At BLKAVE we recommend SMOOTH ME NOW Shampoo and Conditioner, towel dry and apply SEA SALT SPRAY and KEEP MY CURL Defining Cream by ELEVEN... and you're done.

KEY WORDS: Be sure to use words like 'texture' 'softness' 'matte' 'movement' and 'effortless'.

OK LADIES, how are we feeling... I was just looking at the pictures too...


With a new season of fashion and hair trends, we thought we would help you out with everything you need to know. We are calling it the trend you need to start rocking now, before your friend's catch on. The hairdressing world is influenced by fashion, when the fashion trends are strong, the hair usually takes a step back. It then becomes dominant again, when the fashion cycle tones down.

We are going to break this down for you with how you should style your hair for each trend, just so you don't look over the top. We all know smokey eyes and bright lips should never be a thing!


I feel like the neck tie is a reflection of last seasons 90s influence of the choker and a little of this seasons 'tailored' trend. This trend is best worn with an up style. anything from a soft textured low bun to a slick middle part and low pony. Choose defined contouring or bold lips for this look. Due to the high fabric line, you want to embrace a flawless look with your make up. 


The bigger you go, the better.... Well we really see this as a great way to hide the fact we haven't gone to the gym and started our new year resolutions... Current Brisbane climate, unfortunately makes this  a wearable trend for approximately 2-3 days of the year. If I recall we called these PIMP coats... 

Wear this trend with soft braids to bring hair off your face, or rock the 'lived in hair'. Due to such a dominate fashion piece, simple hair can be the most effective.


Did someone just say the B word?? This season, the little black dress has become more of 'who can cover up the most'. Long sleeves, floor length velvet and lace luxury. This modern take of Edwardian style brings us the LUXE formalwear we desire. 

HAIRDRESSER and BLACK should always be used in the same sentence, however, not all of us can actually wear black. SHOCK!! Being a colour that can enhance features, it can also wash them out in others. Clothing colours are just as important as hair colour. The difference between copper base red and violet base, on skin tone, can be the difference of whether or not you need to wear a full face of makeup.

Spend the time with your hairdresser in every appointment to understand the colours that suit your skin tone. If you are having a colour change, at BLKAVE we can show you how you can adapt your makeup to suit your new style. With the right advise, you can cut your ' Morning Glam Time' in half.










Every year, hairdressers get their new season style inspirations from FASHION WEEK. It predicts how we wear our formal hair, whether or not hair is up or down and will we ever have to revise our french rolls... oh i hope not!

This season we go from soft brushed out waves to the perfect gym hair to the double plaits.

I have been waiting for the day that a so called 'casual' twist at the nape becomes a trend. It's like the ombre to everyday styling. Even better, it works best with gym or 3 day hair. Post work out hair is no longer a burden. Its not so 'high fash!'

Curly hair? Those natural waves... (we all know they're more like a crazy mane) are now seen as romantic. Yes ladies, wear those hot fuzz curls with pride. SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist or ELEVEN Curl Defining Cream will change your life.

This fashion week models have moved beyond the conventional bob and shaved sides to more of a choppy fringe. Is this possibly leading towards quirky and choppy cropped cuts this season? We hope so! At BLKAVE we are all about the soft, textured and feminine crop. Bring out those cheek bones and enhance those features girls!

Whether or not you have noticed, but this season we are all about the 'minimal makeup' .. Thats right there's nothing much to see. Soft skin, natural contouring and just bitten lips is the trend in which makeup is going this fashion week. More of an every day look we can easily achieve.. phew!  With uni going back in the next week or so, this seems like a trend that will easily be accepted.

We know that unfortunately this looks still requires a little work.... watch this space. BLKAVE MAKEUP coming soon ...



You know how your colour and cut is always better a couple of weeks later? Yeah? Thats lived in hair. Hair that takes on personality, be it natural texture, regrowth or those crazy hairlines. Its too hot and humid here in Brisbane to have it any other way. The hair thinks it has won this war, when really we have. 

First we had the rise of the balayage/ ombre. We embraced our roots and took a more grungy or softer approach to our hair. Think of this, but in a more defined way, a way that doesn't come in a box on the pharmacy shelf. Its personalised colour just for you. We love this sort of stuff! Its what we are trained to do.

As hairdressers, we like to simplify our approach to hair during the consultation. Words like "soft highlights" and "melted caramels" are used to describe the images we are envisioning for your hair. May sound simple enough, but while your hairdresser is saying this, his/her mind is formulating equations for the best mix of colour... (powder and 20vol, 7 + 7.22 on the roots and 9 + 9.31 on the ends would look EPIC!! )

When it comes to the haircut. We are talking texture and soft lines. Long, Medium and Short. Length is not the focus this season, but the way it is styled. Product is essential to achieve the desired result. At BLK AVE we are loving Sachajuan Ocean Mist. A soft, workable texture spray gives you the perfect foundation to style your Lived in hair. Ask your hairdresser for soft textured point cutting and internal layering . This gives you the movement and texture of layering without the structured lines.