The Renovation


Rule number one of renovations, you must always assume that if something is on the wall, it is covering something.

Rule number two, you should always be patient. Doing the task the right way will save you from trying to cover up a hole later on.

Rule number three, a critical eye is crucial. One may think a lime green wall is now white, but it needs four coats!

Being a season watcher of the block, i have come to assume, that anything is possible. If i know how to paint colour onto hair, i know how to paint a wall. Clean lines and smooth brush strokes. Perfection is key. Four coats later, we are at a different story. That is when it is time to take a break. With this sort of work, if you can't be bothered..... I'm not bothered. Break time. 

Rule number 4. If your helper finds your basins comfortable, you're stuffed. Break time is sleep time and 15 minute breaks are hour sleeps. 

Much like a colour correction, black to blonde, we have our go to product to do the job.... Bunnings. I have literally gone from clothing to homeware to hardware in the space of a year. "Hello Black Avenue Hairdressing and Renovations how may I help you?" 

The feeling of achievement, deserves a gold medal and a pat on the back. You learn that anything that needs to be done, is at least four digits. That everyone on the other end of the line isn't scary and they want to help, That there are other online shops other than asos and that the coolest person in your life is the post man.

ONE WEEK to go.