Two Hairdresser's on a journey to open up our own Hair Salon.

I couldn't just say however that we are two hairdressers. We are best friends, often refer to each other as "bro" . More like two creative minds embarking on a journey. As a creative mind we work as one, you know like the same, but different.

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Meet Grace. Having come from a family of creative minds, Grace has gained much of her hairdressing knowledge from her father, who is well respected in the industry. Her mother being a noted beauty therapist and business owner, she has perfected the art of Makeup. Gympie Grace, a label she wears proudly, is recognised for her bright PINK hair (trade mark), ASOS wardrobe and epic eBay finds.

Meet MJ. Sporting a not so fresh Kiwi accent, having been here for 6 years, also comes from a hairdressing background. Her mother, having been in the industry for over 40 years, has passed on her knowledge to MJ at a very young age. She has learnt the art of combining creativity with business. Her father, a great entertainer, she is not short of that herself. BLUE hair is what sets her apart and a hairdresser's wardrobe, of BLACK. White on special occasions.

We have worked together for the past 4 years, a month of that unintentionally dressed the same, in one of Brisbane's leading salons. We have always shared the same ideals on high quality service for our clients and amazing hair. 

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Follow us on our journey of opening our first salon. We will give you tips on how to go about things if you're thinking of starting a small business and welcome you into the world of hairdressing. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to where we are right now, it would not have been possible without you. NEVER be afraid to ask for help ! Once you start talking, its amazing how  many people what to be a part of it.