Still holding on to NYE? The most celebrated night of the year, New outfit, New shoes, Fresh Makeup and Hair ON POINT. A New Year with New Resolutions. I will go to the gym. I will eat healthy. I will not drink so much alcohol...... Let's be honest.



We find it so easy to drop $200 on a new outfit to go out on a Saturday night. New dress, new shoes, maybe a new lippy. Spend a good hour getting ready, then we forget about the hair. 4 large sections, quickly running the iron over, burning our hand or face in the process. Wishing your hairdresser was here, because you can NEVER get it to look as good as they can. A million dollars and a GLAM SQUAD would make life so much easier.


Step 1 : Glitter

Step 2 : Gel

Step 3 : Mix Glitter and Gel in bowl

Step 4 : Decide Hair UP or DOWN

 UP - Tight top knot bun, or sleek ponytail. Perfect with hairspray and Cushion brush.

DOWN - Middle part/ Side part, define part line with comb and hairspray. Embrace natural waves, or roughly straighten.

Step 5 : 

UP - Paint Glitter Gel from hairline to hair tie.

DOWN - Paint Glitter Gel along partline and regrowth and allow to dry.

Step 6 : No need for GLAM SQUAD, you just took your hair to the next level. Now have a CHAMPAGNE. You deserve it.

If you would like to get more tips and tricks on hairstyles for your Saturday night out, send us an email or comment below. We will keep you posted on New hair trends and little tips and tricks on how to achieve them.

Enjoy your night!