How To: Not Miss Out

In this BLKAVE 'How To', we are going to give you all the tips and tricks to ensure you don't miss out on your precious hair time. Unfortunately, if you see a fabulous hairdresser, chances are you are not alone in how amazing your hair is and how much you love them. I am a creature of habit and will only get my hair done by one hairdresser. In fact, i rarely like it when anyone else does my hair. The problem is, when i feel like i need to get my hair done, its after i have pushed it past a reasonable time and then SUDDENLY, over night, it turns to crap.

No more 'i woke up like this' hair...

Here are some Tip and Tricks to ensuring you have the best experience EVER! :


We usually recommend 6-8 weeks between services for colour and cuts. If your hair is long, 8-10 weeks its the perfect time, if you are more low maintenance. What many people don't realise is the effect of split ends on the rest of your hair. Did you know that one little split end has the ability to spit the whole way up to the root? Meaning that you could lose the quality of that strand all together. This is why regular haircuts are so important for beautiful hair.


Never be afraid to call up and cancel your appointment if you can no longer make it. Sometimes things happen and the appointment that you made 6 weeks ago, no longer works. The sooner you change it, the easier it is and the more likely you will be able to rebook for a time you can do.


If you haven't made your appointment for the Christmas period, you may now have to be flexible with your hairdresser. These days, people are super organised and so you must stay one step ahead. Book your next 2 appointments, especially if you want too look your best for the family!


Best option, rather than trying to describe your hair over the phone, book a consultation. This way your hairdresser can allow the right amount of time for this service. If a lot of time is needed, you will need to be patient. They may only have time this time free in a couple of weeks or month. In this case, you may be able to get a touch up before your big service, depending on how desperate you are to get that regrowth sorted! Just always keep in mind your hair goal, it will be a journey.


If your hairdresser has allowed a lot of time for your services, make sure you are on time. Usually a time allowance of 15 minutes after the start time of your appointment is standard. If you can no longer make the appointment make sure you have them at least 24 hours notice, so the appointment can be filled by customers from the waiting list! (which is usually a mile long, so they will love you for it !). If not, a 50% deposit may need be made before your next booking with the salon.



After hours and weekends are what your hairdresser would call peak time. So always keep this in mind when you are wanting you get your hair done. When you think about it, BOOK!

We hope this guide on how to not miss out, helps you with making sure your look amazing for your next occasion or every day hair life. Remember, if you are unable to get a time with your chosen stylist, there is always someone else within the salon they could recommend. It doesn't mean you are cheating! Keep it all within the family! They can share with the other stylist, exactly what they have been doing and guide them in the right direction. ALWAYS a better choice than becoming a fix up!

BA xx