Every year, hairdressers get their new season style inspirations from FASHION WEEK. It predicts how we wear our formal hair, whether or not hair is up or down and will we ever have to revise our french rolls... oh i hope not!

This season we go from soft brushed out waves to the perfect gym hair to the double plaits.

I have been waiting for the day that a so called 'casual' twist at the nape becomes a trend. It's like the ombre to everyday styling. Even better, it works best with gym or 3 day hair. Post work out hair is no longer a burden. Its not so 'high fash!'

Curly hair? Those natural waves... (we all know they're more like a crazy mane) are now seen as romantic. Yes ladies, wear those hot fuzz curls with pride. SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist or ELEVEN Curl Defining Cream will change your life.

This fashion week models have moved beyond the conventional bob and shaved sides to more of a choppy fringe. Is this possibly leading towards quirky and choppy cropped cuts this season? We hope so! At BLKAVE we are all about the soft, textured and feminine crop. Bring out those cheek bones and enhance those features girls!

Whether or not you have noticed, but this season we are all about the 'minimal makeup' .. Thats right there's nothing much to see. Soft skin, natural contouring and just bitten lips is the trend in which makeup is going this fashion week. More of an every day look we can easily achieve.. phew!  With uni going back in the next week or so, this seems like a trend that will easily be accepted.

We know that unfortunately this looks still requires a little work.... watch this space. BLKAVE MAKEUP coming soon ...