We would just like to thank everyone for all their support over the last couple of months. A vision and a Dream is unable to reach the surface, without the love and support to guide it in the right direction.

Our dream is like any other dream. No dream is more important or significant and another. We all have goals in life and the only thing we ever regret, is never doing anything about them. Maybe next year, maybe next week, i will do it on Monday... Our perspective is of a world that is much larger than ourselves. Where in reality, it is filled up with small niches of like-minded people. 

I am a huge believer that everyone and everything has a direct impact of who we are. Surround yourself with happy and motivated people, you will thrive. You can read books and listen to motivation speakers .. (Oprah you got this one for sure!), but at the end of the day, they can only push you to the edge. You must make the jump yourself. 

One thing we have learnt over the past couple of months is, if you are surrounded by like-minded people, they will jump at the opportunity to see you succeed. Success is never felt by the one person but by everyone. Everyday we are introduced into the world of the client. An appointment  becomes not only a hair style, but a genuine moment of support. The client is here to support you and you are there to support them.... AMAZING if you ask me. LOVE IT!

The space that is BLACK AVENUE HAIRDRESSING is an oasis away from the outside world. Lounge around in the waiting area, hang out at the processing bar or relax in the lie down basins (they are next level). Getting your hair done is a whole new experience.