With a new season of fashion and hair trends, we thought we would help you out with everything you need to know. We are calling it the trend you need to start rocking now, before your friend's catch on. The hairdressing world is influenced by fashion, when the fashion trends are strong, the hair usually takes a step back. It then becomes dominant again, when the fashion cycle tones down.

We are going to break this down for you with how you should style your hair for each trend, just so you don't look over the top. We all know smokey eyes and bright lips should never be a thing!


I feel like the neck tie is a reflection of last seasons 90s influence of the choker and a little of this seasons 'tailored' trend. This trend is best worn with an up style. anything from a soft textured low bun to a slick middle part and low pony. Choose defined contouring or bold lips for this look. Due to the high fabric line, you want to embrace a flawless look with your make up. 


The bigger you go, the better.... Well we really see this as a great way to hide the fact we haven't gone to the gym and started our new year resolutions... Current Brisbane climate, unfortunately makes this  a wearable trend for approximately 2-3 days of the year. If I recall we called these PIMP coats... 

Wear this trend with soft braids to bring hair off your face, or rock the 'lived in hair'. Due to such a dominate fashion piece, simple hair can be the most effective.


Did someone just say the B word?? This season, the little black dress has become more of 'who can cover up the most'. Long sleeves, floor length velvet and lace luxury. This modern take of Edwardian style brings us the LUXE formalwear we desire. 

HAIRDRESSER and BLACK should always be used in the same sentence, however, not all of us can actually wear black. SHOCK!! Being a colour that can enhance features, it can also wash them out in others. Clothing colours are just as important as hair colour. The difference between copper base red and violet base, on skin tone, can be the difference of whether or not you need to wear a full face of makeup.

Spend the time with your hairdresser in every appointment to understand the colours that suit your skin tone. If you are having a colour change, at BLKAVE we can show you how you can adapt your makeup to suit your new style. With the right advise, you can cut your ' Morning Glam Time' in half.