You know how your colour and cut is always better a couple of weeks later? Yeah? Thats lived in hair. Hair that takes on personality, be it natural texture, regrowth or those crazy hairlines. Its too hot and humid here in Brisbane to have it any other way. The hair thinks it has won this war, when really we have. 

First we had the rise of the balayage/ ombre. We embraced our roots and took a more grungy or softer approach to our hair. Think of this, but in a more defined way, a way that doesn't come in a box on the pharmacy shelf. Its personalised colour just for you. We love this sort of stuff! Its what we are trained to do.

As hairdressers, we like to simplify our approach to hair during the consultation. Words like "soft highlights" and "melted caramels" are used to describe the images we are envisioning for your hair. May sound simple enough, but while your hairdresser is saying this, his/her mind is formulating equations for the best mix of colour... (powder and 20vol, 7 + 7.22 on the roots and 9 + 9.31 on the ends would look EPIC!! )

When it comes to the haircut. We are talking texture and soft lines. Long, Medium and Short. Length is not the focus this season, but the way it is styled. Product is essential to achieve the desired result. At BLK AVE we are loving Sachajuan Ocean Mist. A soft, workable texture spray gives you the perfect foundation to style your Lived in hair. Ask your hairdresser for soft textured point cutting and internal layering . This gives you the movement and texture of layering without the structured lines.