This season GENTS we are looking at adding texture to your hair. Whether it be short, medium or long, we are looking at a well executed cut and minimal styling. Over the past couple of years we have introduced you into the world of salt sprays, curl creams and blowdrying. Stealing your partner's blowdryer and not knowing how to handle it, is a thing of the past. You have now gone PRO (if your hairdresser has taught you well). Armed with these new found skills and learning how to control your side part, which took the past year to do, we are now taking a step back to SIMPLICITY.

This season we are having another crack at the fringe, yet instead of the uncontrollable fringe of 2014, which only your hairdresser could style, we are looking at tapered sides that blend up and seamlessly connects to the top layer. Soft and textured, with deep point cutting to remove bulk and maintain length. It is all about visualising the end result and achieving it with scissors, rather than relying on product.

If the fringe isn't your style, simple and short is your way to go. A haircut best achieved with scissor over comb and texture cutting, this no fuss simple cut, gives you the ability to style hair in a matter of seconds. When maintenance is concerned, you are looking at a softer grow out and the freedom to change up your look from time to time. Best product to do the job would be to apply MATTE TEXTURE PASTE by ELEVEN to either dry or towel dried hair. We want a workable paste and low shine to finish the look.

A timeless look coming into 2016 is the free-spirited curls. If well maintained and cut is performed to perfection, you can master your look and only have to get your haircut every couple of months.  Step one is to ensure your hairdresser is a curl specialist, this is actually a thing. Curly hair and straight hair have two very different approaches. If your hairdresser attempts to straighten your hair before they cut... RUN! Step two, ensure you have the correct products. Armed with the right stuff, will make styling time next to nothing. At BLKAVE we recommend SMOOTH ME NOW Shampoo and Conditioner, towel dry and apply SEA SALT SPRAY and KEEP MY CURL Defining Cream by ELEVEN... and you're done.

KEY WORDS: Be sure to use words like 'texture' 'softness' 'matte' 'movement' and 'effortless'.

OK LADIES, how are we feeling... I was just looking at the pictures too...