In Part 2 of our BLKAVE BLOG Series, we are going to focus on the journey of going from Light to Dark. A process that sounds pretty straight forward, but unfortunately we still have people walking around with Green hair. You ask for a nice soft brunette and you walk out with a Red tone and way too dark.... sound familiar? We will be sharing with you everything you need to expect with this colour change and how to look after your hair, to ensure you are now the glossy brunette you have always wanted to be.


They say that blondes have more fun, but lets face it, brunettes are certainly taken more seriously. Whether you are wanting to CHANGE IT UP, as we are getting closer to Winter or you are missing those shiny soft tresses, we are going to break it down for you so you know what to ask your hairdresser.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.09.30 pm.png

Firstly you need to decide how dark you are wanting to go. The process of going from light to dark involves us replacing pigment back into your hair. This is what we call the "underlying pigment". The darker you go, the more we need to replace. In many cases your colour will take two applications to get you your desired result. Replacing this underlying pigment involves us adding warmth back to your hair. This is why it is very difficult if you are wanting to return to your exact natural colour, as it will always appear slightly warmer. Without doing this process, you will leave with washed out hair that is quite possibly green......... nice!

When booking your appointment it is always necessary to tell your hairdresser that you are wanting a change. This ensures they have enough time to perform the process correctly. When considering going darker, do you want to have a block colour or more of a colour melt? At BLKAVE we are loving our soft brunette colour melts for the Autumn. This gives our blondes a taste of what it is like to be darker, without it looking too harsh. 

The secret is, going a shade or 2 lighter on the ends to give a subtle transition. You can always go darker, so you may as well enjoy all the shades in-between. This also stops your porous ends from going darker than desired.

It is essential to look for brunette shades that are close to what you are naturally. (if you haven't seen your natural hair in ages, get your hairdresser to help with this). By keeping within a couple of shades, maintenance of your regrowth will be every 6- 8 weeks rather than every 3-4. Usually your natural level is the best for your skin tone and eye colour. This leaves you with a little extra cash to spend on a new outfit, to match your hair!

Although your hair is now shiny and soft, it is essential to still care for your hair, as though you are blonde. A high level of fading after your first couple of washes is common and this will reduce after your next service. Continue your haircare routine of weekly treatments and leave in styling products, especially if your hair is still porous and damaged. 

Be sure to rebook with your colourist for 6 weeks time. This ensures that we have a great base to work on for your next colour and keeps the pigment rich. This will give you time to use the remainder of your repairing shampoo and conditioner and you can make the switch to more of a colour locking routine.

Enjoy your change!!