BLKAVE says 'I DO!'

It's your big day and you are walking down the isle to your one and only. All eyes on you (hoping not through their phone lens), your dress is everything you dreamed of, feet are still feeling good in heels and nothing else in the world matters more, than that feeling once you lock eyes.

Ok, I must admit I may have watched one too many Rom-coms in my time. But I am sure that this is the moment we live for. Everything is perfect (I am a virgo, so yes it is). The flowers are still alive an everyone who has made an impact on your life is there to share the day with you..... This is of course until you can feel your hair slowly falling out, your face is shiny (not glowing, there is a difference) and there is that one bobby pin sticking into your brain. 

This is all preventable if you follow our BLKAVE Tips to saying 'I DO" with your Hair and Makeup.

Tip one:

If your wedding is on a Saturday, be sure to book with your hairdresser and makeup artist at least 9 months in advance. This goes for other days also, but Saturdays are GOLD.

We always recommend that you have a chat with your regular hairdresser first.

Knowing what our relationships are like, we have been here through your single life (secrets we will never share), first date (you may have even got your hair done the day of), attending many friend weddings (free booze and friends is always a time to test the longevity of your hairstyle), engagement and engagement party (all of which required your hair and makeup game to be on point) and now your wedding day. Secretly these have all been trials for us. We have experimented and know how your hair sits and most importantly how you like it.

If you are having a destination wedding, yes thank you, we will happily come with and be your glam squad in Hawaii.

Tip two:

Before you begin hair and makeup stalking, it is best to choose your dress and wedding style. Hair and makeup should always complement the main attraction, your dress. Decide whether or not you want to wear a veil and most importantly what the neck line of your dress will be. This will give your hairdresser an idea of whether your hair will be up or down.

Tip three:

Book in a trial and quote. Call your desired hairdresser and makeup artist and have a chat about your vision. If you already know how many are in the wedding party, ever better! Most offer a complementary consultation for quotes. Usually you will be charged extra for an off site wedding, but this is standard. 

A trial before the big day is essential. We usually like to recommend this to be done for your hens night. There's nothing worst than having your hair done and not being able to wear it out! It's the best opportunity to trial a style and products to make sure lasts. This doesn't mean that you will be attending your hens night with your exact wedding look, but if budget is a concern, this is a great way to get a two for one! 

Tip four:

NEVER be afraid to tell us if you don't like something. Usually hairdressers and makeup artists are very fussy about their own look, so never be embarrassed or scared to be a little too. I'm not saying for you to go all Mariah Carey on us, but we are here to make you feel amazing, so if you're happy we are!

Remember that your hair and makeup is there to complement your style. Try to go for something that you feel comfortable with. If you don't usually wear makeup, keep it natural and flawless. If you love makeup, have play with lashes and contouring for a more refined look. 

Wedding hair and makeup, will always feel a little different to your every day look. You may feel a little over the top, but once you are dressed, everything will fall into place. When the day is over and your memories are now photos, you will not regret it.