The newest hair trend for this season is CHANGING IT UP. We have all reached a comfort zone with our hair, tying it up rather than styling and letting our balayage grow past our shoulders, this unfortunately doesn't fall into the category of LIVED IN HAIR.

Over the next couple of BLKAVE BLOG posts we will ensure you are armed with the best information, to prepare you for a seamless transition from one colour to the next. We will share all our dirty little secrets and let you know what to expect.


To start your journey off on the the right foot the best thing to do is research! INSTASTALK your favourite salons in your city and have a look for the type of blonde you like best. We like the hashtags #brisbanesbestcolourists and #brisbanesbesthair for searching Brisbane. Every colourist is different in their technique and approach to blondes, so it is important to find someone who understands your style. Hunt down your blonde specialist and ask to book in a CONSULTATION. Unfortunately we can't see your hair over the phone and most salons offer a free consolation to have a chat with your colourist. Come armed with images of your desired result, so we understand tones and techniques required to book in your appointment.

Your hairdresser is the professional, so it is best if you are totally honest with them, about any other colour services you have had in the past couple of years. We need to know your hair inside out, as lightening will always expose the truth of your hair. NO SECRETS will allow us to give you a realistic prediction for the result.

BE PREPARED. Stripping pigment from your hair will always come at a cost. Whether it be length, texture or expense, (not to mention the 50/50 change you leave brassy) the best option is to never expect much out of your first service. Think of this service as your primer to your makeup or pre-cleanse to your cleanser. 

PREPARE yourself for an upgrade in your Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment routine. Lightening your hair requires ammonia, this has the ability to open up the cuticle of your hair and reach into the cortex (hair structure) to remove pigment. During this process, moisture and structure of hair is compromised, so it is essential to go with a prescriptive and specific haircare range. At BLKAVE we love Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Over Night Hair Repair to get your new blonde tresses feeling soft and looking luscious after a long blonding process. 

Along with this new haircare range, ensure you come to your appointment ready to pay for in-salon treatments and BLONDE PRO services on top of your lightening. Both of which will help to regenerate your hair bonds and ensure your hair doesn't turn to straw or chewing gum, ( both of which are highly likely) as you are looking at 2-4 services before your reach your desired result.

All of this focus on your hair, many of us easily neglect the impact our new found blonde has on our makeup. If your hairdresser knows makeup, be sure to ask questions about new shades to enhance your features and ensure you don't walk around looking washed out. At BLKAVE we are loving our new Curtis Collection makeup range. Through this we are able to personalise new makeup best suited to your blonde, through the makeup STYLE GUIDE.

Hair colour is the one way to change your appearance, without surgery. Whether it is a new season or a new chapter in your life, hair is there to experiment with. Never be afraid to ask your hairdresser questions. You should always feel confident to ask for a change. If you are prepared for a little more maintenance and behind the scenes care for your hair.... JUST DO IT!