It's that time of the year again! You've got the dress, the date and now your just need that prefect hairstyle to finish off your look. Fingers crossed no one else has your dress, but who cares anyway? Because BLKAVE is going to take your look to the next level. This season it's all about casual waves and badass braided and knotted looks. 

The key to choosing the best formal hairstyle is NOT to over do it! Remember your hair should always complement your style and have a hint of personality, rather than overpowering your look (honey, put away the feathers). This seasons hair trend, allows us to achieve an on point style, with any length. You will be viewed from all angles, so ensuring that you don't get caught off guard, a well polished over all look is essential.

How to prep for your hairdresser - 

  • Firstly, ensure that you organise your hair appointment, when you know the date of your event. This gives you options for times, so your day goes smoothly.
  • Pinterest or Screenshot images of hairstyles that you like and don't like. A hair storyboard shows your hairdresser particular trends and styles that you favour, making it easier for us to get an idea of what you like.
  • Ask your hairdresser, when you make your appointment, if there are any requirements for your hair. Freshly washed? Any products? Second day hair?
  • Bring a picture of your dress. This ensures that we do a hairstyle that goes with your outfit and may give us other ideas that we can recommend. The neckline of your dress will determine whether your hair should be up or down.
  • When choosing styles, make sure they have a similar hair type.

Embrace those fly aways this season and keep things casual. Choose a focal point and whether it be braids or a pony and go from there. The hardest point is choosing which one to go with! Majority of the time, your dress will ignite your hairdresser's creative side and they will beaming with ideas. Come to the salon with an open mind and you will surely create HAIR ENVY.

BA xx