The New Year is here! 

Really, we are all sitting around waiting for the "I'm going to complete all my resolutions this year", to kick in. All of a sudden the clock strikes midnight and we all get a surge of energy to fulfil our dreams and goals.... While you sit there procrastinating have a read of this blog! BLKAVE is here to share our predictions on hair this year. With such a great year in 2016, we are so excited to see what the big 1 7 brings.


Highlighting and balayage is now number one, on the 'most wanted' hair list. As hair techniques evolve, every year they become more personalised and unique to the client. Colour contouring, is what its called, so you know how to communicate with your hairdresser. Highlighting certain sections around the hairline can help to extenuate facial features. Its like a facelift without the surgery.


Now we aren't talking about naturally styled hair, we mean NATURAL. Unfortunately in Brisbane this can be a lot easier said than done, actually it's more effort to have 'nothing' hair than if we were to heat style it. In 2016 it was all about colour evolution, but this year we will be focusing on strong cuts that are tailored to the individual. 


The evolution of the bob this year, brings us to a soft textured, slightly concave bob. Shorter at the back and longer at the front. Not only is this a bonus as the shape lasts longer, the likelihood of you returning to the hairdresser without a mullet works in your favour. 


Its all about a more subtle wave and less glam. This is a curl that is created using your straightener, more of a hair bend rather than a wave. Its neither beachy nor bouncy. Key tip: Keep the ends straight!

New year, new changes! Let 2017 be the year of reinvention and updating your look.

BA xx