The Transformation BLKAVE edition

It's March.


Still haven't even had a chance to think about your new years resolutions? It's like this year is going sooooooooo fast already, i've decided i want to wait until next year to do a "new year, new me!"


Here's exactly what you need to do. It only takes an idea, your hairdresser and the need for change.

Nothing like a well known celebrity to trigger a hair transformation. Come on, don't be scared! It may just be the thing you have been looking for...


Did Katy Perry just pull a Miley??? She sure did and she looks banging. If you are looking at doing the chop, be sure to choose a hairdresser who specialises in short hair. Whether you like shaved and edgy or a pixie crop, make sure to keep it soft and feminine. The longer fringe, is what we are loving for the short styles this season.


So, you have long luscious locks and you are in need of a change. The soft textured lob is your best option. I mean what's the rush? Why go straight to the pixie, when you can enjoy every length leading up to it?! You get the best of both worlds here. Long enough to style and short enough for it to be effortless. Win Win!


Hair goals are always a must. If your current goal is for length, keep yourself inspired by adding some colour to your life. Whether you are blonde, brunette or red, you will be surprised that it doesnt take much to feel like a changed woman!

Soft Balayage highlights can turn your hair from dull to sun kissed.

Soft Balayage highlights can turn your hair from dull to sun kissed.


If you're blonde, have a think about changing up your toner. There are so many different shades of blonde - Creamy, Ash, Golden, Honey, Strawberry, Rose.... All of which are not permanent. Yes, they all come with no lock in contract! You may even come to love your new shade, best thing is you can always go back.


BA xx