Billboard Music Awards 2017 - Celebs, they actually love us!!!


Hair we can achieve at home, or easily at the hairdressers last minute. Thank you celebs, for once, something majority of the human race can now do (without your bank account.) OMG you finally love us!!


Yep, its probably extensions.. We all know Miley had short bleached hair this time last month!

You can achieve this look with some clip in extensions. Even if your hair isn't behaving the way it should just chuck on a hat, add in some SACHAJUAN OCEAN MIST, slight water wave to blend the extensions with your real hair and a Micro Braid... you will be Byron Babe Chic. HAPPY DAYS! PS the hat can hide your secrets.


You just hoped into bed and your best mate calls to see if you want to go out..... You haven't washed your hair in days and dry shampoo just aint gonna cut it? YASSSS Lea ! 

You will need hair paste (or natural oils) and a hair tie. Middle part and comb up sleek into high pony. Use your fingers to pull out pieces and add texture if you're feeling creative. Tie your pony in a knot and secure with another hair tie. BOOM girl your ready for a big night!


Ohhh but she's so pretty!! DRY SHAMPOO and VOLUME POWDER will help. 

With this kind of pony upstyle, hair prep is the most important. We would always recommend running your straighteners over the top sections to keep it neat. Taking sections, spray your roots with dry shampoo or UNITE TEXTURIZER SPRAY. Be generous with product. Run your fingers through and pull up into a pony. Wrap a section of hair over the band and secure with a bobby pin. Embrace the disheveled ends with some more texture spray to finish off.


So, you're in desperate need of a colour, but had to decide between having a fun weekend and getting your hair did. Totally understand!! Rather than cancelling your whole appointment, why not just come in and get a blowave and style? Trust me, it will make you feel more accepting of life and your weekend will become THAT much better.

Thursday Night - at the hairdressers, so clean and fresh. You want 'ready to sleep on waves'. This means getting your hair waved tighter than you would usually wear. We are looking for longevity here. Small amount of product and minimal brush out. There's something about when your hairdresser does your hair, your colour always looks passable! 

Friday - In the morning, run your hands through and twist into a low bun (in direction of waves). Secure with a couple of large bobby pins... That night, because your hairdresser is amazing, you want to go through and brush out your waves. Add in some light weight serum to smooth or Finish Cream and mess it up with texture spray. Hair done in no time!

Saturday - WHYYYYY DID I DRINK??!!! Keen to back it up? Hair not so good now? Brush through your hair and sleek back with POMADE or SPRAY WAX. Finish with hairspray. Not only will this lift your bags but your will feel ready to take on Round 2! (it works, don't know how, but it does!).

OR - you could just be like HASLEY and rock the BUZZ CUT.. ..

or not.

Thanks Billboard Awards for making these celebs look more human and less like gods! We love it!

BA xx