You can't force CREATIVITY



It's been a year (since the last blog).

Can't believe how fast this year has gone ! Daymmmme girrrrrl !

When we opened BLKAVE 2 years ago, we came armed with DREAMS and AMBITION. Having grown from only 2 stylists to an amazing team of 6, has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives. All of which we owe to our loyal clients, staff and ever growing talents coming through the door.

I started the BLKAVE BLOG purely to share my knowledge to clients and anyone out there that need help translating the HAIRDRESSER language! " Just mix 10g 9.22 20g 10.07 45g zero lift...." We totally forget that to the every day folk, we may as well be speaking gibberish! Soz about that !

The last couple of years have certainly been a journey. As hairdressers, we become engrossed in our clients lives and love every minute you share with us. Sometimes we know more about you than most of our friends/ family, heck you know the same about us too. If this was some sort of Hollywood movie, it would be an OSCAR.

The experience is like no other. 

Great conversation, feeling half asleep (nek level scalp massage) the whole time and walking out of the salon, at 9pm looking freaking AMAZING to go to bed........ REALITY.

As CREATIVES, all things hair come naturally. They evolve throughout the whole experience, the more we learn about you and your lifestyle, PERSONALISATION in the art form of hair develops.

PERSONALLY, we have all been on journeys of our own outside of the salon. Thank you for all of your LOVE !

So looks like "NEW YEAR" , new BLKAVE BLOG - You can't force CREATIVITY. If its not authentic to your brand, sometimes its best to just press the REFRESH button - no better time than now!

Over the next BLKAVE BLOGS, we are going to introduce you to the TEAM..  These talents are usually humbled in the salon - lets face it, we don't like to talk about ourselves! But, sometimes we need to stop and look back on everything we have achieved so far in life, have a deep breath and appreciate NOW.

The hairdresser/ client relationship is one that we have for LIFE. The BLKAVE team are all unique in their own ways -




I hope this helps you find the best stylist for you!

WATCH THIS SPACE - no really, you're going to want to hear all the juicy goss !!


BA xx