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How to : Blondes

We all want that perfect blonde... whether we want icy white or soft honey tones. For me i will only be blonde in my dreams and the day that raging morange comes in, i would be so vogue! I have come to accept that I will never be a blonde, but thats ok. The thing that really gets to me though, is fried blonde. Hair that has been bleached right up until the point of no return..... Chewing gum and brassy (hair actually feels like chewing gum, no lies). You can feel cheated when you leave the hairdressers looking amazing and shiny but hair is left brassy and dry in about a week. 

BLKAVE is here to share our Blonde Secrets...

Invest in a BLONDE SHAMPOO - This will help to maintain your toner and prevent your hair from going brassy. NOTE- they will only work on counteracting the yellow in your hair. If you are throwing orange, you will need a stronger form of toning. Ask your hairdresser, if they offer toning services in the salon. This is a great way to keep your blonde looking on fleek, without having a lightening service every time. You will be surprised at how effective they are.... and you can get your hair styled too!

 If you're blonde and this isn't in your shower, you're missing out.. BIG TIME!

If you're blonde and this isn't in your shower, you're missing out.. BIG TIME!

TREATMENT - beauty from the inside out. After stripping colour and moisture from the hair, the likelihood of your hair feeling like straw, is very likely. After your blonding session in the salon, your hair has now become much like a sieve. Think of your hair like a peanut M&M... The peanut being your cortex, chocolate being the moisture and the shell being our cuticle of the hair. Without the cortex (peanut) of the hair being in tact, there is nothing for the moisture (chocolate) to hold on to, so the cuticle (shell) is unable to close. This leaves the hair dry and unable to hold onto colour as your cuticle is left open and exposed. So when choosing your home haircare, you need to target the concern first, so it will take time. Opting for a strengthening and repairing range is essential, you have to target from the inside out.

 SACHAJUAN Intensive Repair range strengthens hair while helping to retain your hair's natural moisture.

SACHAJUAN Intensive Repair range strengthens hair while helping to retain your hair's natural moisture.

BLONDPRO - These days as hairdressers, we have science on our side. If your hairdresser offers you a bond strengthening option with your lightening service, take it. Being blonde is an investment. With new technology these days, we are able to now lighten with the confidence that the hair will maintain its integrity.

DRY SHAMPOO - This will be your best friend. Anything to stop you from washing your hair too much, will keep your blonde vibrant. Another alternative for those who just can't resist putting their hair under, if your hair isn't dirty, try a hair cleansing cream. It takes a little to get used to as it doesn't foam, but is less abrasive on your hair. We like to compare it to your skincare routine, if your skin is sensitive, you would only use an exfoliant once a week and a soft cleanser daily. This is like your hair. After lightening your hair has become sensitive, alternating with a cleansing cream, would give your hair a break from every day shampooing. 

 Hair Cleansing Cream is for those of us who just can't resist washing our hair every day.

Hair Cleansing Cream is for those of us who just can't resist washing our hair every day.

HEAT STYLING - Gurrrrrrrrl, turn that heat down!! Always use a heat protectant and take your time with heat styling. Your hairdresser may not have caused too much damage, but an iron at 230 degrees, is sure to fry what is left. A leave in treatment with heat protectant is your best option. It will hydrate and smooth those fluffs down too!

 Yes its smells like coconut and will change your life!!

Yes its smells like coconut and will change your life!!

OIL UP - Gone are the days of heavy oils that sit on the cuticle of the hair. With the right hair diagnosis, your hairdresser can prescribe an intensive hair oil, as a form of extra moisture and treatment for the hair. Feeding your hair is essential.

TRUST YOUR HAIRDRESSER. Remember our main concern at the end of the day is to never compromise the integrity of your hair when lightening. In the long run you will never regret doing it the right way and if you NEED to be blonde because you have a special occasion coming up this weekend, opt for a wig... They're so on trend anyway!

BA xx



In this segment of BLKAVEBLOG we are going to have a chat about the importance / difference of using salon products in your hair over the alternative supermarket equivalent. In PART ONE we will be covering the BOX DYES. This is always a subject, we sometimes like to hide from the truth. Considering we are using chemicals, without the required qualification in hairdressing, it is a real health and safety factor. 

I used to always question why, when i first started my apprenticeship, i wasn't allowed to jump in and pop a colour on? It looks easy enough? I must admit, even with a hairdresser for a mother, i still didn't know anything about colour. All i saw was her mix a tube of colour with a lotion and apply it with a brush (my friends however thought differently, i was a pro in their eyes haha). Looks easy enough? I have also dabbled in box colour from time to time, as a teenager ... because i knew better of course!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.25.44 pm.png

This is because, I feel we just don't know any better. It's just like buying our eggs and have never been shown the difference between cage eggs and free range. We are here for you at BLKAVE! We understand that sometimes you are desperate and broke, but there is always a way.... always an alternate. I mean we don't want to start right back at square one due to fried hair or permanent noir locks that have seen better days.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.37.53 pm.png

The first and most obvious question we ask ourselves is " What is the difference?" Firstly we need to consider, if you can get a chemical cheaper than what your hairdresser can, as a professional, what are you ACTUALLY putting on your head?

Unfortunately when it comes to these products, one size doesn't fit all. Usually for a hairdresser, they have a well formulated mixture of peroxide and colour that is suitable for your hair and consider all the factors like porosity, strength, length, base shade, natural shade and desired shade. We could choose to use a 10 vol lotion on one person and need to use 30 vol on another. The same goes for the box colour. Your friend may wear the creamy blonde perfectly from box one,  but it could turn orange on you! mmmmm morange hair .. love it! That $8 box is now looking more like a $400 fix up..

When choosing the colour that is perfect for you, your colourist will take into account these following factors:

Skin Tone, Porosity, Underlying Pigment, Previous Colour and % of Grey.

When it comes to box colour, there isn't a whole lot of difference between semi, demi and permanent colours. They say it will wash out in 10 washes........ but will it?? The only allowance for this would be a temporary colour. These colours just sit on the outside cuticle of your hair and depending on how light your hair is, it will only stain it.

When it comes to scalp bleaches and platinum blondes, application is essential. Over-laping of your colour may result in banding and more importantly BREAKAGE (yes i wrote that in bold, no one wants chewing gum hair.. it actually goes chewy). In this case if it comes as a bottle applicator.... don't do it! A brush and bowl application is the best way. 

There is a HUGE misconception when it come to colour, " Does colour damage my hair?".

When companies put their box colour on the market with a celebrity to endorse it ... the best they are doing is brainwashing everyone. I mean come on!!! There is no way J-Lo is sitting in her bathroom doing a D.I.Y. Bronde!! Clever advertising though.. It even had me thinking i could even do my hair at home ... no thanks, no need for a blue back and bathroom. The reason your hair is feeling like straw, is because you are moving further and further up the porosity scale. This means the damage of your hair is moving up and up to eventual chewing gum stage.

 Microscopic view of broken hair strand.

Microscopic view of broken hair strand.

Unfortunately for a colourist, when it comes to fixing this "beautiful" box colour, is the predictability of your hair, or lack of. We do wish however we did have magic wand, that would be amazing!! It is going to be a process, that will take a few sessions with your hairdresser. There could be so many different chemicals and pigments hiding in your hair strand and at different lengths. If you have made the mistake, don't be embarrassed however, we do love a challenge. Just be sure to be patient and be willing to upgrade your haircare routine. 

The skill of a great colourist, is that they can get you to your dream colour. They know when to push your hair and when they need to give it a break. Remember your hair, skin and nails are all made up of the same things. Your damaged hair is like your skin getting sunburn and nails after acrylics . They all take time to heal, but done the right way, you will never regret taking the time and getting to know your hairdresser along the way. We are actually quite cool!! 

BA xx


With a new season of fashion and hair trends, we thought we would help you out with everything you need to know. We are calling it the trend you need to start rocking now, before your friend's catch on. The hairdressing world is influenced by fashion, when the fashion trends are strong, the hair usually takes a step back. It then becomes dominant again, when the fashion cycle tones down.

We are going to break this down for you with how you should style your hair for each trend, just so you don't look over the top. We all know smokey eyes and bright lips should never be a thing!


I feel like the neck tie is a reflection of last seasons 90s influence of the choker and a little of this seasons 'tailored' trend. This trend is best worn with an up style. anything from a soft textured low bun to a slick middle part and low pony. Choose defined contouring or bold lips for this look. Due to the high fabric line, you want to embrace a flawless look with your make up. 


The bigger you go, the better.... Well we really see this as a great way to hide the fact we haven't gone to the gym and started our new year resolutions... Current Brisbane climate, unfortunately makes this  a wearable trend for approximately 2-3 days of the year. If I recall we called these PIMP coats... 

Wear this trend with soft braids to bring hair off your face, or rock the 'lived in hair'. Due to such a dominate fashion piece, simple hair can be the most effective.


Did someone just say the B word?? This season, the little black dress has become more of 'who can cover up the most'. Long sleeves, floor length velvet and lace luxury. This modern take of Edwardian style brings us the LUXE formalwear we desire. 

HAIRDRESSER and BLACK should always be used in the same sentence, however, not all of us can actually wear black. SHOCK!! Being a colour that can enhance features, it can also wash them out in others. Clothing colours are just as important as hair colour. The difference between copper base red and violet base, on skin tone, can be the difference of whether or not you need to wear a full face of makeup.

Spend the time with your hairdresser in every appointment to understand the colours that suit your skin tone. If you are having a colour change, at BLKAVE we can show you how you can adapt your makeup to suit your new style. With the right advise, you can cut your ' Morning Glam Time' in half.